Inspiring Young Innovators: Young Enterprise Scheme (YES) Market Day Returns to Hawke's Bay Farmers' Market

The gardens were alive with sunshine for a vibrant showcase of emerging entrepreneurship as the highly anticipated Young Enterprise Scheme (YES) Market Day returned to the Hawke's Bay Farmers' Market on Sunday. Building upon the success of previous years, this event is a testament to the innovative spirit and business acumen of Hawke's Bay's youngest innovators.

Having been a steadfast supporter of YES since 2001, the Hawke's Bay Farmers' Market played host to the Market Day, providing a vital platform for YES teams to unveil their innovative products and services to the public. It also offered an opportunity for the community to celebrate the achievements of these young business pioneers.

The community came out in force to enjoy the sunshine and learn about the products and services exclusively on offer at the Market. YES teams put on their most charming sales hats to sell their wares, including protein supplements, candles, haircuts, beef jerky, original artwork and much more.

11 Hawke’s Bay secondary schools, with over 60 teams comprising more than 250 students took part in the opportunity to sell their products and services at the Market this year. It takes a village of support to pull together an event on this scale. Behind the scenes, a network of dedicated individuals, including Francesca Arlidge, YES HB Regional Coordinator from the Hawke's Bay Chamber of Commerce, played a pivotal role in guiding and supporting the YES teams.

“It’s a great honour to be invited back to the Hawke’s Bay Farmers Market this year, we are really grateful to Loren and Emma from the Market for their incredible support of YES teams”.

Arlidge expressed her excitement about the opportunity the event provided for teams to engage with the public, gain invaluable sales experience, and explore the diverse range of innovations emerging from their peers across the region. 

Each year, this event provides a window into the future of business, where the seamless integration of innovation, passion, and creativity is evident. The triumph of YES displays the remarkable potential held by the up-and-coming business leaders of Hawke's Bay, as they persist in moulding a dynamic and inventive business environment.

If you missed out on the Market in Hastings, a few teams are fortunate enough to have another selling opportunity this weekend at the Napier Urban Farmers Market, on the 19th of August in Clive Square. Come along and celebrate this new generation of businesspeople who will be selling alongside regular market stall holders.