1 September 2023

What a fantastic event we just wrapped up! Local business owners and managers came together at The Hawke's Bay Chamber of Commerce's latest gathering to dive into the exciting world of Lean manufacturing, all while building Lego planes – talk about a productive playdate!

With the dynamic duo of Dave Fellowes and Geerten Lengkeek from Productivity People leading the way, attendees embarked on a journey from business chaos to Lean production brilliance. The room buzzed with energy as teams uncovered issues, slashed waste, and harnessed the power of teamwork to meet production goals. And let's not forget the golden nugget of wisdom – a cohesive code of conduct to turbocharge the whole process!

From teamwork triumphs to workspace wizardry, the event's content covered it all. Dave Fellowes, our consumer goods manufacturing maestro, sprinkled his insights like confetti, revealing hidden opportunities for boosting productivity. His contagious enthusiasm for improvement had everyone on their feet – and we're not just talking about the Lego-building part!


Geerten Lengkeek, the change champion, brought his A-game with a treasure trove of strategies from various industries. His down-to-earth approach and knack for making even the toughest challenges seem like a piece of cake left a lasting impression. Who knew that achieving breakthrough performance could be so invigorating?

The Lego planes weren't the only things taking flight – attendees left with actionable takeaways that could be adapted to any process, whether you're in manufacturing, professional services, or distribution. It's like a superhero cape for your business operations!