1. Get people talking. Hosting a BA5 will get people talking about your business in anticipation of the event.
  2. Great advertising. Your name, logo and a bit about your business will be used in all marketing for the event for six weeks leading up to the event.
  3. A captive audience. You'll have a captive audience to tell your story, feature your product, or share what sets your business apart from the others.
  4. Marketing advice. Get a complimentary consultation from a marketing expert to help you develop the marketing and presentation for the event.
  5. Show off your hospitality. Don't just tell people how friendly you and your team are. At a Business After 5 Event, you can show them!
  6. Get event support. You won't be alone in the planning and execution of your event. The Chamber of Commerce will support you every step of the way with their event hosting expertise.
Find out more about BA5 Events here
Email Jessica the Chamber's Event Coordinator at events@hbchamber.nz to book a BA5 for your business today!