21 July 2023

On Wednesday evening, professionals from diverse backgrounds gathered at the ASB Regional Centre for a highly anticipated Business After 5 (BA5) networking event. The occasion presented a unique opportunity for individuals from various industries to converge, exchange ideas, and foster new connections in a relaxed and welcoming environment.

The event featured engaging talks from notable speakers representing various divisions within ASB Bank, providing valuable insights into the world of banking. However, the true beauty of the evening lay in the interactions between attendees from different backgrounds, sparking meaningful conversations and knowledge-sharing beyond the boundaries of a single industry.


The relaxed atmosphere encouraged attendees to break out of their comfort zones, expanding their horizons by learning from professionals with different skill sets and experiences.

The esteemed speakers from ASB Bank were:

  1. David Anderson - Commercial Banking

  2. Kaleb Heberely - Commercial Banking

  3. Britton Smith - Corporate Banking

  4. Phil Crombie - Business Banking

  5. Diana Moyale - Community Banking

  6. Jalam Holder - Rural Banking


The lucky prize draw winner was Jesse Drinkrow, who walked away with an $80 voucher for Market Street. Congratulations, Jesse!

The catering for the evening was thoughtfully provided by Albion Cafe, ensuring attendees enjoyed a delightful culinary experience that perfectly complemented the vibrant atmosphere of the event.

Thank you to ASB Regional Centre for organizing such a remarkable event, uniting professionals from various industries and setting the stage for future collaborations and partnerships.


Our next BA5 will be hosted by Cole Murray at their office in Hastings.