Exporting 101 Recap
26 October 2022

On Wednesday 19 October speakers from MPI’s Exporter Regulator Advice Service (ERAS) treated us to breakfast and an information session. The workshop was perfect for businesses that are looking at getting started on the path to exporting and for those that are already exporting but looking to expand their markets and ensure they have the best and most up-to-date information possible.

Christine Dean from MPI talked us through the many resources MPI has for businesses. Aziel Verner and Vu Mpofu from MPI covered in more detail the topics of food and fibre exporting, China Decree 248, and wine exporting. The MPI ERAS staff talk to businesses every day to help navigate the complex MPI rules. Between 70% and 90% of a primary products sector is exported and exported products account for 11.1% of New Zealand’s GPD.

Mike Cato and Dan McGuire from NZ Customs, and Dan Martin from NZTE also introduced themselves and gave some information from their perspective on how a local business can set itself up for success in exporting and what services and help they can provide to ensure that success.

We then listened to Marian Hirst from Bay Blue speak about her experience of getting her own business ready to export their blueberries to expand their markets. Marians best advice for business who are thinking about exporting is to start now. The more time you have to learn and navigate MPI rules with the help of staff from MPI’s ERAS the better prepared you will be.  

Christine’s final takeaway for a business that is looking at exporting their products is to start with the MPI video they call Ducks In A Row here: Basic information if you’re thinking about exporting | MPI and find information for your specific product here: Exporting food and beverages | NZ Government (mpi.govt.nz) Good luck with your exporting journey!