16 August 2023

The 10-in-2 Networking Event held at Taruna College was a remarkable gathering that brought together a diverse array of speakers, each contributing their unique expertise and insights to create an inspiring and informative experience. The event itself was a fun and fast-paced networking opportunity, fostering connections among attendees.

Among the presenters, Hal Josephson took the stage, sharing his journey as a serial entrepreneur with a remarkable track record of co-founding multiple companies. Will Vermeulen, CEO of Cole Murray Financial Advisers, shared the work Cole Murray does for financial planning and how they support the community through initiatives like the Cole Murray Cape Kidnappers Trail Run/Walk.

Jan Ward-Allen of Active Listening engaged the audience with her story of transitioning from teaching to founding her own business, driven by a passion for understanding children's learning processes. Kerry Henderson from Napier Family Centre presented an interactive session, using bingo cards to delve the services Napier Family Centre provide for people across all of Hawke’s Bay.


Lee Turner, the Ako Development Manager at Skillpod, introduced the audience to Skillpod's people-centered approach and its role in organizational strategy, product development, and client relationships. Ryan Ewart and Matt McAuliffe of Hyper Digital brought their digital advertising expertise to the forefront, sharing success stories of generating leads for businesses.

Aiden Doran, the owner of FiSBO Hawke's Bay, shared his journey from a customer service background to becoming a crucial figure in the real estate market. With a blend of experiences and insights, Aiden offers homeowners a unique way to privately sell their homes.


The event at Taruna College not only provided a platform for sharing experiences and knowledge but also showcased the power of community and collaboration. The diverse range of topics covered by the speakers demonstrated the depth of expertise present within the community and left attendees inspired and motivated. We extend our gratitude to all the speakers and attendees for making this event a resounding success.