Get Ahead of the Threat Recap

14 October 2022

On Thursday morning, Dr Tom Hartley from Hartley and Associates conducted a training workshop on cybersecurity. With his mascot, Rodeo, joining him, Tom helped us make sense of the world of cybersecurity. With different philosophies and frameworks for cybersecurity, and different standards for countries all over the world, it can be a maze of acronyms and numbers. But Tom broke it all down and related each standard he uses back to the businesses represented in the room at the training. He led us through his methods for assessing a company’s policies and practices and its plans for recovery after a potential breach.  

Tom’s passion for cybersecurity was evident. He believes that cybersecurity is important not just because it helps to protect organisations and their profits, but also the people who work in those organisations, their jobs, and their information. In addition to this, Tom believes that setting up robust cybersecurity today will help to protect and promote the tech industry in Hawke’s Bay for the future. 

And these practices aren’t just for business. They can also be brought into our home life to help protect our whānau. 

Thank you to those who joined us for the training and to Dr Tom Hartley (and Rodeo) for your education on the importance of cybersecurity.