21 April 2023

FOLKL, the social research company that specializes in helping organizations make informed decisions in complex environments, hosted their BA5 Networking Event on Wednesday 19 April at their offices in Napier. Since its inception in 2018, FOLKL has completed several innovative projects in various fields, such as urban design, healthcare, road safety, arts, and community facilities. The company's philosophy is always centered on people, as demonstrated by their name, which combines "folk" (people and culture) and "focal point" (the most important part).



At the BA5 Networking Event, FOLKL presented their approach to speaking with people to better comprehend their thoughts and feelings, which they then convert into practical insights. They provided valuable examples to showcase how engaging with a variety of community voices can help inform priorities and strategies.

In addition to outlining their community engagement approach, FOLKL also shared some of their recent projects. One of these projects involved researching how students walk to school on Napier Hill, which resulted in a collaboration with Napier Girls High School to develop a more walkable environment around the school.

Attendees at the event also heard about FOLKL's research on how New Zealanders buy and use potatoes, which employs mixed-method research that includes a human element beyond just facts and data. The prize for the evening was a custom illustration by Mr Gordo, FOLKL's favourite illustrator, which was won by Alex Coupland. Tacos by Hapi that used Hands Down corn tortillas were served during the event, and one attendee praised the event's cool venue, talented team, and excellent food, making it a wonderful and well-rounded networking event.