Helix Investigation Services hosted an exclusive evening of insight and discovery at the BA5 event held at the Hawke's Bay Club. The event brought together individuals intrigued by the thrilling world of private investigation, curious about the mysteries unraveled and secrets uncovered by experts in the field.

Attendees had the unique opportunity to gain unparalleled access to the minds behind Hawke's Bay's pre-eminent private investigation company, Helix Investigation Services. The esteemed Directors of Helix, Neil Hallett and Alex Kersjes, took guests on a captivating journey through their paths that led to the inception of this reputable agency.

Neil Hallett, an experienced law enforcement professional with a distinguished career, shared his insights into the world of investigations. His diverse background, including work with the New Zealand Police and World Rugby, provided a unique perspective on the importance of integrity and ethics in the field.


Throughout the evening, guests had the opportunity to peek into the intriguing world of private investigation and discover how Helix can assist both individuals and businesses in solving mysteries and easing concerns. The event underscored Helix's commitment to offering pragmatic solutions to a diverse range of challenges.

Congratulations to Jannine O'Meara from Business Central who won the prize draw of an Open Source Intelligence Report from Helix Investigations Services. 

Besides the informative presentations by Neil Hallett and Alex Kersjes, the BA5 event provided attendees with a platform for networking and building connections in Hawke's Bay. It was an excellent opportunity to engage with like-minded professionals and explore potential collaborations.

We extend our gratitude to Helix Investigation Services for organizing this enlightening event and look forward to more engaging gatherings in the future.