22 September 2023

The morning of September 21st marked a significant gathering in the Hawke's Bay region as business leaders and community members came together at the Toitoi Arts and Events Centre for "Breakfast with the Candidates." This event provided a unique opportunity for voters to engage with and gain insight from candidates vying for positions in the Tukituki, Napier, and Ikaroa Rāwhiti electorates.

The event was organized to facilitate discussions around party policies and how they would impact the business community, should these candidates be elected. The breakfast gathering was both informative and enlightening, featuring prominent leaders and representatives from various political parties.

All leaders of represented parties were invited to attend or submit a short video reaffirming business-related policies. We heard from Matt King Northland (Democracy NZ) David Seymour (ACT), Christopher Luxon (National) and Prime Minister Chris Hipkins MP (Labour).

  1. Rt Hon Chris Hipkins (Labour), Prime Minister of New Zealand, who addressed the Hawke's Bay Business Community and shared insights into the Labour Party's plans for supporting local businesses.

  2. David Seymour (ACT), who delivered a thought-provoking video presentation, highlighting ACT's approach to business-related policies.

  3. Christopher Luxon (National), who presented a video outlining the National Party's vision for the future of business in the region.

  4. Matt King (Democracy NZ), who provided valuable insights into the Democracy NZ party's stance on business matters.


Each local candidate had the chance to introduce themselves to the audience and share their views and intentions concerning the local business community. A fair and impartial moderator posed pre-submitted questions from the audience, ensuring that every candidate had an equal opportunity to express their thoughts. These presentations and discussions covered a range of crucial topics, including taxation policies, fostering tech and innovation, promoting an export-led economy, and recognizing the importance of the Māori economy.

Local candidates in attendance included:

"Breakfast with the Candidates" was a unique opportunity to engage with political leaders, understand their visions for the business community, and actively shape the future of the Hawke's Bay region. It was a reminder of the power of civic engagement and community involvement.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our partners, Presbyterian Support East Coast (PSEC), and our sponsors, Paladin Sports and Bayswater Vehicles, for their invaluable support in making this event possible.

For those who are still unsure about their voting decisions, resources like policy.nz offer valuable information about local candidates and parties in your electorate.

We sincerely thank everyone who attended "Breakfast with the Candidates." Your presence and engagement contributed to a meaningful and productive event. Together, we can forge a brighter future for our community, one that reflects our collective vision and aspirations.

Let's continue to make our voices heard and work together towards a stronger, more prosperous Hawke's Bay region.