18 October 2023

Stress - it's a word that often gets thrown around, but how often do we truly understand its impact on our lives and, more importantly, how to manage it effectively? At our recent workshop with Bex Johnson of Rise Coaching, "De-stress for Success" we delved into these questions and emerged with practical insights to help us thrive in the face of stress.

Bex Johnson at the front of the workshop with her powerpoint slide showing the physical signs of stress

First things first, we took a deep dive into understanding how stress affects our bodies. No need for complex scientific jargon; we kept it simple. Stress isn't just an emotion; it's a physiological response that can affect our overall well-being.

Bex made a clear distinction between "dis-tress" and "eu-stress." Dis-tress is the harmful kind of stress that can overwhelm us, causing fatigue and anxiety, while eu-stress is the positive, motivating kind of stress that drives us to excel. By understanding these differences, we can learn to harness eu-stress to our advantage while minimizing the negative effects of dis-tress.

One of the most important takeaways was our commitment to incorporating stress-relief techniques into our daily routines. We crafted plans to integrate small, rejuvenating breaks throughout our days, weeks, and even our entire year.

Whether it's a short mindfulness exercise, a walk in nature, or taking time to connect with friends and family, these breaks are like small investments in our well-being. By using them consistently, we're building a foundation of resilience that allows us to maximize the benefits of stress in our lives.

As we discovered, stress isn't always the enemy. It can be a powerful motivator that propels us toward success.

In a world where stress is inevitable, the ability to control its impact and turn it into a driving force for success is a game-changer. With these simple yet powerful insights, we're well on our way to mastering the art of stress management and thriving in the face of life's challenges.