Today we kicked off our very first Business Women’s Network event with the extraordinary Mavis Mullins’.

As a collaboration we have been working with NZTE to put this series together. A series based around exceptional women in business, their journey through the business world, their achievements and understanding the leaders they are today.

The lovely Ashley Kemp from Noku opened this morning’s event with a beautiful Karakia, before a short welcome from Phoebe Clark (HB Chamber) and Katrina Buscke (NZTE).

Katrina then introduced our guest speaker Mavis Mullins.

Mavis had the room captivated as she spoke on her upbringing, her morals and her history running a successful shearing business with her family which became the first shearing business in the world to achieve ISO 9002 accreditation.

Mavis has an extensive list of accolades to her name and has many years’ experience in governance and could have spent time listing these off but instead she used this time to really connect with the people in the room which was kindly received.  

Mavis explained that there needs to be meaning behind why you are to do something, that you must still do things for fun and from your heart and to always make sure to ‘do things with them instead of at them’.  

The importance of family and upbringing of our younger generations has always been at the for front of the work and roles that Mavis has taken on over the years. Planning for the future and nurturing those around us is key.

To wrap up the morning Mavis wanted to leave four important takeaways for anyone who was wanting to excel in the business world.

  1. Know who you are – be brave, know what you’re good at and not good at
  2. Be true to your values and live them every day
  3. Embrace what you have around you; ‘listen to the land’, embrace your cultural whakapapa
  4. Don’t worry about the numbers – do the right things and the numbers will follow.


The morning was inspirational and warming to listen to. Having the chance to sit down with Mavis Mullins’ is not something we get to do every day, so we are grateful for the time given.

This event is just number one of the series. Our next Business Women’s Event will be announced shortly so please keep an eye out. These events are open to anyone to attend.