18 October 2023

On Thursday October 12 at the BA5 event hosted by Tong & Peryer and Terry Longely & Son, we embarked on an incredible journey through the world of funerals and burials, past and present. Terry Longley, a third-generation funeral director, transported us through time, giving a history of funerals that spanned centuries. His engaging presentation led us through the evolution of end-of-life ceremonies, ultimately bringing us to the establishment of Tong & Peryer Funeral Services, the first funeral home in Hawke's Bay.

Group of people networking at the event

But the evening didn't stop there. Steve Shaw, gave us a glimpse into the life of a modern-day funeral director. He shared what sparks his passion for the industry - a dedication to creating meaningful and personalized end-of-life experiences.

The highlight of the night was the extensive Q&A session. It was an opportunity to ask those questions we've always been curious about but never had the chance to. Your engagement and curiosity truly made the evening special.

Steve Shaw and Terry Longely answering questions

And let's not forget Anil Dumasia, who emerged as the lucky winner of the business card draw! Anil will soon enjoy an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of the Hawke's Bay Crematorium.

Stay tuned for future events, including the upcoming Breakfast with Carl Davidson on October 24th. We look forward to seeing you there for another insightful and networking-filled morning. Thank you once again for making BA5 with Tong & Peryer an unforgettable experience.