What does it mean to you and your team to win this award?

The team are very proud of winning this award.  The awards ceremony was a good event for us to attend as a group and share in other people’s success and our own. It's validated all our hard work and collaborative efforts.

Can you share a little about your team and what team culture means to you?

Birdwoods comprises of a team of 16 FTE and 15 PTE.  We are a diverse and inclusive group of people.  Birdwoods management work hard to have a team that is fully engaged and aware of our brand and the Love Mark that we have created in our community and works hard to ensure the physical and mental well being of all who work with us and have a happy, proud and content team.

What are some of the biggest challenges in your business at the moment and how have you overcome these challenges?

Staffing, the impact of Covid and lockdowns, kitchen viability, shipping delays and supply chain issues are the main challenges in our business.  Each one of these is being worked through ensuring good communication with our suppliers and customers and being responsive and flexible through changing times.

Why did you decide to enter the awards?

We were nominated by Hawke’s Bay Tourism, and it was ten years ago that we won the inaugural HB Tourism Award which was sponsored by Westpac HB.  We wanted to see if we could win it again!

What was your best “takeaway “from the awards process?

The entry process was an excellent way to assess and evaluate our business whilst working through and identifying its strengths and weaknesses.  The awards night was a lovely way for all of us to get together and share the success and obviously, the award and all the social media hype that it generated was gold.

Where to next for your organisation?

Hopefully another good ten years! 

We would also like to enter the Tourism New Zealand Awards.

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