Dr. Mark Peterson

Mark graduated from the University of Otago with a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery in 1981. From there Mark has played an active leadership and governance role in the medical sector in our region.

Mark is an experienced GP with a special interest in elderly care and gynaecology.  A fellow of the Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners since 2001

For over 20 years Mark has been a GP and director at Taradale Medical Centre. Previous to this was a GP at the Taradale practice before it joined with Park Medical Centre. From here Mark does his Rest home care rounds to 5 rest homes across Hawkes Bay. Approximately 1300 patients refer to Mark as their GP.

Mark has extensive experience in advocacy for General Practice and in governance roles have been on the Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners Board, representing the College in a wide range of forums. Roles with the New Zealand Medical Association included chairing the Association GP Council and chairing the Medical Association itself.

Mark has held several key roles here within the Hawkes Bay District Health Board.

On a national level, Mark was a representative of the Primary Health Organisation Service Agreement Amendment Protocol – This includes representatives from all DHBs, PHOs, General Practices and the Ministry of Health. They support the DHBs’ negotiations with advice and insights from across the health sector and provide a framework for these organisations to work collaboratively.

Mark is a member of the General Practice Owners Association and one of 2 Contracted Provider Representatives appointed by the Contracted Provider Caucus. Their task is to negotiate with the Government, Ministry of Health, ACC or District Health Boards to ensure GP’s are appropriately acknowledged, supported, respected and funded to fulfil their essential role within the New Zealand health and disability system.

Mark believes that advocacy is not intermittent but an ongoing process and is enhanced by those relationships of respect and trust that are built up over time. This has been evident in his long time commitment to the medical governing organisations and his ongoing influence to ensure Hawkes Bay has a great health system