On Friday, December 3, New Zealand will move to the COVID-19 Protection Framework, also known as the traffic light system. While we are expecting more details to be provided on how the framework will be implemented, we know that many of our operators have questions on how this will impact their business. 
To help support you in this transition, we are partnering with Hawkes Bay Tourism to host a workshop to provide more clarity on the framework and answer any questions you may have. The workshop is being tailored to Tourism and Hospitality industries and will be free-of-charge to members. 
Provisions are made for this to be carried out over Zoom should it be required. 

Myriam Mitchell will be covering:

  • Commonly asked questions
  • Approaches to vaccination in your workplace 
  • The legal considerations 
  • Managing COVID in the future

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Discover more about Myriam Mitchell here

Wednesday, 8th December, 2021
4:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Meadowood House, 1769 Korokipo Road, Hastings
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