MUA Digital

Mua Digital is a subsidiary of Curve Technology Ltd.  We were incorporated in 2001 but only really started operating as a business from 2008 when we moved from Wellington to Wairoa.  We operate as a technology business, but what we really do is fix problems and create innovative solutions.  More recently under the Mua brand, we have started designing, developing and building bespoke touch tables and multiuser, multitouch, interactive software.

We actually had not considered entering the awards.  It was at the recommendation of others that we put our business forward in the small business category.  Our primary focus has always been community and creating a better future for all of Te Wairoa.  We were not confident that we ‘met the bar’ in terms of entering into the awards.  But we decided to give it a go anyway and were surprised to be in the finalists for Community Contributions, and blown away to win.

Hawkes Bay has a thriving and positive business culture that is firmly embedded in community values.

We would like to thank the Hawkes Bay Chamber of Commerce and Pan Pac, and also acknowledge the amazing contribution that Dream Team Clean and Thornhill bring to their communities. 

On a personal note, we would like to thank all those who have contributed towards this award – namely Ngāti Pāhauwera Development Trust, the Wairoa Digital Collective, Korou Digital Trust, Wairoa District Council, Saluté Wairoa, the Wairoa Museum, and everyone involved in the Wairoa ICT Club – and many other organisations and individuals (we can’t possibly name everyone!).

Going forward we plan to keep dreaming, keep inspiring, keep creating and keep supporting others in our shared journey towards a better future for all.