Business Awards Winners 2017

Congratulations to those who entered the 2017 Pan Pac Hawkes Bay Business Awards.

For the Supreme Winner of the 2017 Pan Pac Hawkes Bay Business Awards, Laser Plumbing and Electrical, Air New Zealand offered a full day of mentoring with the Air New Zealand Senior Management Team.  This mentoring plays right into the purpose of the Awards; to inspire, develop and celebrate great businesses in Hawkes Bay. 

We need to celebrate our leaders and leadership in Hawkes Bay for a prosperous future. 

The Hawkes Bay Chamber of Commerce is eternally grateful to Air New Zealand for this offer.  



EIT Small Business Finalists


EIT Small Business Winner

Data now is a software as a service business that provides customers with performance metrics on their processes and machinery including speed, efficiency, downtime and downtime reasons using Data now’s proprietary hardware, software and processes.

Founded in 2007 Data now is a late start up with 20 operational sites across New Zealand.

The judges commended Data now’s clear vision, values and goals, strong leadership and recent focused recruitment.  Data now has shown great planning for scaling up the business with their target market identified and point of difference from competition well thought out.  They are extremely customer focused and their innovation is shown through their unique selling point.

Amazing progress has been made since the judges first judged the business 12 months ago.  There has been a change of business premises, a doubling staff size and Data now are at the start point to scale up the business


Chartered Accountants Australia + New Zealand Small-Medium Business Finalists


Chartered Accountants Australia + New Zealand Small-Medium Business Winner
KiwiTax Ltd

Kiwitax was formed in 1999 out of the vision to create a sustainable business, servicing business owners for accountancy and tax compliance with the aim of maximum client retention for year on year growth.

Since then Kiwitax has grown steadily and organically with each year being more profitable than the prior adding new team members along the way.  Today Kiwitax have over 2000 active clients and a team of 14.

The judges commended Kiwitax’s culture leading to a healthy work environment with a tight-knit, family feel.   They were also impressed by Kiwitax’s detailed strategic plans, customer focus and staff incentives.  


NZME Medium-Large Business Finalists


NZME Medium-Large Business Winner
Laser Plumbing & Electrical

Laser Electrical became Laser Plumbing and Electrical in May 2016 which has led to an enormous amount of growth, marketing leverage and the ability to maximise the potential of two customer databases. 

The judges commended Laser’s detailed strategic planning that is regularly and strongly communicated to the entire team.  Laser has good customer follow-up and communication both before and after jobs with low rework and complaints instances.

The judges found evidence of a strong team based, inclusive learning culture with opportunities for staff to grow and high usage of education to improve team core skills.


Great Things Grow Here Large Business Finalists


Great Things Grow Here Large Business Winner
Oil Intel Ltd

Oil Intel Ltd has been the authorised importer and distributor for Total oil and lubricants in New Zealand for over 15 years.  The Business is headquartered out of the Hawkes Bay and has branches and warehouses in Whangarei, Auckland, Rotorua, Taupo, Tauranga, Nelson, Christchurch and Otago.  The executive team has conducted a fully consultative process with all staff across the country to ensure they have their input, buy-in and understanding of the vision and strategy.

The judges commended the focus and drive of Reuben and his team.  The growth of this business from 3 employees to over 50 across 8 branches is impressive.  This business is well managed, has good structures and systems in place, they support their staff well and are 100% committed to providing the best possible service to their loyal customers.   The values of Oil Intel are well known throughout the company - the five pillars of their business, with a particular focus on making sure that they differentiate themselves from their competitors by always finding solutions to customer requests and making sure that they can respond to orders on a timely basis.  A real attitude of never saying "that's not possible".

Overall Oil Intel is a strong business, with a significant year on year growth and one that is committed equally to looking after its staff and its customers.


Linden Estate Winery Leader of the Year Winner
Caren Rangi - Ei Mua Consulting

The recipient of this award has achieved and contributed more than many accountants twice her age.  She contributes an astounding number of hours through her service on various governance boards and combines her passion and considerable expertise to add value to Pacific communities, the local Hawkes Bay community and the wider New Zealand community.

The things people say about this person is that she has tremendous common sense and a thoughtful and considered approach.  She is held in high regard by all those who work alongside her and she is viewed as a strong advocate for excellence in accounting.

Caren Rangi is the Linden Estate Leader of the Year for 2017.

Caren was nominated by Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand.  Caren is a Chartered Accountant of 22 years and holds the prestigious designation of Fellowship of Chartered Accountants ANZ.  The designation of Fellowship recognises members for their outstanding achievements and contributions to the accounting profession and held in high regard within the Chartered Accountants community.

Caren has been on many governance boards including the Eastern and Central Community Trust, Pacific Homecare, Chair of the Pacific Business Trust Board, the Pacific Arts Committee of Creative New Zealand and founding board member of the National Pacific Radio Trust.

Caren is a Board member of the Charities Registration Board, Caren is the only accountant sitting alongside two lawyers who together administer the registration and deregistration of over 27000 charities in New Zealand.  She conducts herself in this role with total professionalism, applying her accounting skills to review considerable volumes of data and provide succinct and considered advice.


Supreme Business Award of the Year 2017 Finalists


Supreme Business Award of the Year 2017 Winner
Laser Plumbing & Electrical

In a tight contest of high-quality Hawkes Bay businesses, Laser Plumbing and Electrical emerged as the overall winner for 2017.

Laser excelled in all of the elements required for a successful business:  An open and progressive learning-oriented business culture which is progressively developing and diversifying the business to meet changing market opportunities; well-developed strategic planning and risk management processes; a willingness to learn from external mentors and advisers – both within the franchise and from local experts; a commitment to excellence in all aspects of the business, resulting in sustained business growth based on sound foundations built progressively over many years.  Laser excelled in each of these criteria.

If there is one aspect in which the judges considered the leadership team at Laser provide an exemplar to all businesses, irrespective of size or industry, it is in the culture the team have developed, one which is open sets high standards and includes all members of staff. We congratulate Paul, Reihana, Darrin and Megan on their well-deserved win.