Neville Smith - Hawke's Bay Technology

Neville is an experienced finance professional and Chartered Accountant.  He learnt his trade in the professional services environment before deciding his passion lay in the corporate sector, where he currently sits as Finance Manager of Hawke’s Bay Technologies.

Having spent a number of years working in a corporate environment Neville enjoys the day to day challenges of growing businesses and bringing strategic insights alongside financial and operational rigor.

Whilst still a “beanie” at heart Neville takes a pragmatic approach to business relationships, decision making and operations.  

Having been on the other side of the judging process for two previous Supreme Award winners, including Hawke’s Bay Technologies in 2018, Neville knows what it takes to put together a compelling application and the benefits a business can gain by going through the critical thinking process.

Neville's passionate about the Hawke’s Bay region and all the potential it has across a multitude of industries and sectors and is excited for the opportunity to give back to the awards that have served the Hawke’s Bay business community so well.

Neville has utilised his skills outside of day to day work over the last 15+ years by serving on various sports club committees and is currently a Trustee and heavily involved in organising the annual Potts Classic track and field event.


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