General Information

No matter your organisation's size, sector, or industry we can support you on your business improvement journey. 

The PAN PAC Hawke's Bay Business Awards is a great opportunity for Hawke's Bay businesses to raise awareness of their brand, motivate their staff, and celebrate their achievements.

As well as offering recognition for your organisation, the awards provide the opportunity to benchmark and gain expert advice on how you can continue to grow.


  • Entries & Nominations open for Business Awards Categories: August 2020
  • Entry Closes Friday, 2nd October at 4 pm
  • Judging: October 2020
  • Awards Presentation & Celebration evening: Friday, 20th November 2020



Register your interest to attend a workshop, set up a one on one meeting or group workshop at your business by contacting the Chamber

2020 Entrant Workshops will be held over the span of the entry process. All workshops will be held subject to minimum numbers. 


  • The PAN PAC Hawke’s Bay Business Awards 2020 are open to any; sole proprietor, partnership, incorporated society, limited liability company, educational institution, local or central government organisation, charitable or not for profit organisation, with its principal place of business based and trading in the Hawke’s Bay region.
  • Organisations that are part of a larger national or international organisation must be able to demonstrate that it operates as a separate business unit in Hawke’s Bay
  • The business has been operational for one complete financial year
  • No existing sponsor can enter the awards
  • All entries will be reviewed by the judging panel and shortlist developed for those organisations will be visited on-site by the judges
  • All entrants must agree to be interviewed by a judging team if requested to do so and this may involve one or two site visits. Site visits are made by judges who work in pairs. Entrants should note that judges’ visits typically take one to two hours
  • These awards are regarded as the premier business awards in Hawke’s Bay.  Applicants must disclose any issues that may compromise the integrity of the awards or cause their organisation to discontinue in the next year. Those issues may include legal action, law changes, possible loss of funding or other risks
  • Entrants may be requested to provide a copy of their last two year’s financial accounts during the judging process. It is a condition of entry to meet this request in a timely fashion. (Please note that the review of the accounts is independently made, and the detailed material is not made available to other judges)
  • The Chief Judge may where appropriately suggest that an entrant change or add to the particular categories entered
  • Entrants may use consultants or other outside assistance to help them prepare their entries. However, the providers of any such external assistance are not permitted to be present during any judge’s visits or interviews
  • All entries are treated with confidence and each judge is required to sign a confidentiality agreement, which prevents them from divulging any information they gain in relation to entrants
  • Judges will not judge any organisations where a conflict of interest arises. Once judging has been completed, with the exception of executive summaries, which may be used for promotional purposes, all entry submissions will be destroyed
  • All entrants must agree to take part in publicity that has been organised by the Hawke’s Bay Chamber of Commerce. All entrants are encouraged to attend: 
  • The PAN PAC Hawke’s Bay Business Award dinner to be held on Friday, 20th November at Clubs Hastings. This is a formal event during which the awards ceremony is held and the finalists and winners are announced. All winners are to co-operate with reasonable requests for publicity from the category sponsor.
  • Decisions of the judges are final and no correspondence will be entered into
  • Entries must be received by Friday, 2nd October 2020 via the online platform





  • When filling out your online submission please be very clear, strong, and concise using facts and statistics to illustrate your narrative. 
  • Tables, figures, and graphs are encouraged and can be uploaded as supporting documents under each segment in the online application.
  • Each section of your submission should be within the specified text limit of 300 words; however, charts and graphs are permitted in addition to this limit and can be uploaded to support your application.
  • Any supporting information that you may choose to include with your submissions such as brochures, photographs, video clips, product samples, and publicity material will be deleted after the awards process, please make sure you are submitting copies and not originals.
  • Non-completion of any section in your entry will lessen the overall scoring potential of your submission and therefore the chances of making it through to be a finalist
  • The closing date for submissions is 4 pm – Friday, 2nd October 2020 by submission online at