The Clean Crew

Winners of the Excellence in Innovation Award, sponsored by EIT.

The judges said:
The Clean Crew have taken an age-old communication issue in the commercial cleaning world and used it as a jumping-off point to revolutionise their business operations. Using technology to transform how they do business from customer communication, contract transparency, and job auditability through to employee health and safety and productivity monitoring. The judges were impressed by the depth of thinking and execution that went into the design and implementation.

About your business, from the beginning to where you are now...
At The Clean Crew, we are actively reducing our carbon emissions and offsetting what we can’t reduce by purchasing carbon credits which support our environmental vision. This means we are helping grow a cleaner, healthier New Zealand for our future and our children’s futures. We believe in supporting the development of clean energy. Wind energy is a renewable energy source that doesn’t emit greenhouse gases during generation. Through using wind energy carbon credits, we are also supporting the reduction of pollution (by reducing the reliance on fossil fuels such as coal) and the generation of employment in developing countries (for construction and maintenance of the wind farms).

In 2018 we purchased Bhilwara carbon credits, aiding in their wind energy project. Established in 2001 by Neil Cameron as The Cameron Crew with only 15 clients to service, Roger took on the business in 2008. In 2011 Gary began working for Roger and in 2015 he bought the business with only 23 clients.
Fast forward to today and we have a new name, a new brand and over 200 clients.

Working across all industries, The Clean Crew provides commercial cleaning services to a variety of company’s including events, healthcare, education, manufacturing, meat processing, viticulture, agriculture, horticulture, hospitality, retail, offices and much more. As the only cleaning company to become Toitū Carbonzero certified in New Zealand and Australia, we can confidently say our cleaning services are not just safe for you and your visitors but safe for the environment. We have partnered with Ecostore and Bio-Zyme to ensure we are using the best possible cleaning chemicals available.

Why did you decide to enter the awards?
Last year we were shortlisted however didn’t get anywhere with the awards. Our product was in its early stages of development at this stage, so this year we knew it was ripe and ready to be judged for its effectiveness. We believed it was an innovative product deserving of an award.

What was your best “take away “ from the awards process? 
The awards process helped us hone in on what was and wasn’t working in our business when we entered in 2019. With our 2020 application, our key takeaway was ask questions and always be prepared. 

Where to next for The Clean Crew?
Our platform and app will continue to evolve along the years, utilising the latest technologies available to ensure that our clients and crew are getting only the best. We have expanded into the Manawatu region, and plan to slowly expand throughout the nation