Isaac's Plumbing, Pumping & Electrical

The business scored highly across all the areas being assessed: leadership, planning, people, business performance, innovation etc to name a few.  This all-round focus of the business has lead to success for its owners, its customers, its people and all of its other stakeholders - it's great to see a well-planned strategy come to life

Isaacs was bought by experienced electrical industry locals, Shane Heaton and Gavin Streeter in 2013. When the company was purchased, it held a staff of six employees and has undergone considerable growth with a current team of 53. In 2015 Isaacs opened a branch in Hastings to service their industrial and rural clients around the townships. Starting the branch from scratch, we now operate a switchboard building facility building over 50 control panels per month, complemented by a vastly experienced team of over 25 now run out of the Hastings branch.

We were anonymously nominated for the PAN PAC Hawke’s BayBusiness Awards and decided to enter to challenge our achievements against the other large businesses of Hawkes bay. Been previous winners of the medium business award category in 2014, we saw the opportunity to enter the large business award category as the next step on the ladder.  It is always a good challenge, entering events such as these, to testify our strategic plan and ultimately test our business model.

The experience of entering the awards has been incredibly soul searching; enabling us to take a holistic view of where we have come from and where we are heading. A time to really understand the WHY of what we do. It has been a fantastic experience to assess, analyse and critique our strategies to transform the business into what it is today. It is a common mistake for companies to continue to look upon their weaknesses and failures, but it is essential to stop and reflect on the positives and the achievements made along the way.

We are unique, in that we provide Plumbing, Drain laying, Pumping and Electrical services, giving our clients a turn-key solution that’s ultimately more cost-effective. We also maintain a library of installations, with a full set of records dating back to 1953. Isaac also has a comprehensive retail store in Waipawa, stocking hardware, tools to hose gear and pumps.

Isaacs has always striven to achieve the best possible experience for our people. We will continue to review and adapt our strategic plan to continue to improve and expand our level of service in the community.

The most important take-away from the awards process has undoubtedly been the time to recognise all of our stakeholders that have been instrumental in our success as a business. Ranging from our staff, clients, suppliers and our family down to our governing mentors, each person’s value have been recognised and appreciated. A truly special moment to reflect on everyone’s achievements in this award.

Isaac’s Plumbing, Pumping & Electrical is now the largest electrical, plumbing and pumping sales and service company in Hawke’s Bay. With offices in Waipawa and Hastings, we can service the entire region.