Grundy Productions

We started Grundy Productions, our Hawke’s Bay based Video Production business, in 2015 from our living room. We’ve always owned and operated our own businesses, but when Kane’s TV filming took him away from our young family for up to six months of the year something needed to change.  

As anyone who’s started or owned a business knows there is lots to do, lots to learn and it’s ultimately a risk - is this going to work? We have to put a roof over our heads and food on the table. 

Nicky’s experience in Sales and Marketing and Kane’s experience as a Director of Photography meant we had a great foundation to market, sell and provide video production services. So from our lounge, surrounded with kids toy and a second-hand camera we started making calls. 

Fast forward almost four years our amazing team of four, based in the Tech Collective (stop by anytime), have met and worked with tonnes of amazing people. Our team, Ally and Suden, share our passion for video and business and have been a big part of our success. We’ve achieved our financial goals each year and are achieving our work/life balance goals. Next, we’re moving to a bigger space to enable further growth with the addition of an intern from EIT.

Entering the Business Awards has always been a goal, even before Grundy Productions. But each year Nicky thought "we're not quite ready".  In 2019 we'd been doing a lot of business development with the Icehouse and had the resource amongst our awesome team to turn these ideas into action, we were finally ready!

Taking time to pause, think and reflect was invaluable. It brought us closer together as a team as we worked through various sections and allowed us to get everything we think and talk about down onto paper. We downloaded the submission form and worked through a couple of questions at a time over weekends and evenings. Initially, there were areas we weren’t confident about but once we started, we realised just how much hard work we’ve put into building our business. It’s been an amazing internal health check to not only see what we’re doing today but also what we can aspire to do. 

It was great to have the judges visit our office and dive deeper. They asked great questions and gave us really helpful feedback. Winning the Small Business award has been an amazing validation and acknowledgement. It’s great for our team and we’ve been blown away by the kindness from our fellow business community.

We’re on a mission to help businesses connect with their audience, with clear messaging told through well crafted visual stories. That’s why we love coming to work. Helping our clients achieve their success is great for them and New Zealand. The future feels exciting - but that might also be that a summer break is not too far away!


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