Guitar Mastery Method

Guitar Mastery Method started in a tiny bedroom on Napier hill and is now a worldwide, multi-million dollar guitar instruction company.

My passion for playing guitar combined with relentless nights of not sleeping grew the company that now serves hundreds of thousands of guitar players around the world.

We offer a range of video courses covering different styles and techniques, as well as memberships where guitarists can get live group lessons with instructors based in USA, Canada & the UK.

The team is passionate about helping our worldwide community of guitar players and all work extremely hard to make it happen.

We are constantly striving to improve every part of the company, from the lessons to the marketing, everything gets put under the microscope.

Through our mentors in the United States, we're always pushing to be on the forefront of digital marketing so we can grow our customer base to impact more people's lives.

We entered the awards upon the recommendation of one of our business advisors & accountant, Brett Taylor. Throughout the awards process, it was great to reflect on what the team and I have created and to take a moment to celebrate it.

Working alongside GMM (Guitar Mastery Method) is my band Black Smoke Trigger. After reaching the US Billboard charts with our debut EP, we're planning on doing lots of promotion in 2020 which will help the growth of GMM as well. It's awesome seeing GMM members really get behind the band, and the success of the band adding even more credibility to the company.

Next year, we are looking to double our revenue through tightening up our sales flows, scaling up our advertising and releasing a higher tier membership. And just like every other goal we set for the company, it's going to happen :)