Environment Centre Hawke's Bay is your one-stop-shop for living a more sustainable lifestyle.

The Environment Centre was established in 2004, to assist in broadening 'Educating Towards Sustainability'.  Their vision is to see a Hawke's Bay community where people are actively engaged with sustainability and environmental matters

The Environment Centre has diversified into reselling second-hand electronics which have been electrically tested.

The team from the Environment Centre will talk about the benefits of repairing instead of replacing.

Small Actions, Big Change




Electronic waste (E-Waste) is defined as obsolete, broken or end-of-life electrical devices. Examples include anything with a power cord or data capabilities - computers, fans, phones, printers, TV's etc. E-Waste is one of the fastest-growing categories of hazardous waste in the world because of rapid technology change, low initial cost and planned obsolescence.

Most items of E-Waste contain recoverable metals such as copper, steel, aluminium and even tiny amounts of gold! They also often contain toxic materials like lead, phosphorus, mercury, cadmium, and brominated flame retardant (BFR) plastics which can cause significant ill-health to humans and animals if ingested.

It's really important to keep these toxic materials out of landfill to avoid leaching into the soil or groundwater to preserve the health of the ecosystem we rely on to breathe clean air, grow safe food and drink clean water.