Protection Framework

As of the 24th January 2022, New Zealand is at Red Setting to manage the spread of Omicron in the community.

HB Chamber has developed a policy under these guidelines. Therefore, we will ask that you adhere to the following requirements:

  • Present valid My Vaccine Pass to reception
  • Scan QR code or complete manual contact tracing form upon entry
  • Face coverings are to be worn in all public areas and recommended throughout the meeting
  • Sign in using tablets provided

We understand that these new rules may be difficult for some members of our community; if you cannot meet these requirements, please get in touch, and we will find a solution together.


Red and Orange Settings

For HB Chamber, it is important that we continue to support local business. That is why we will always find ways to go ahead with our planned events (where possible) while ensuring the safety of our community and our team. 

Introducing Vaccine Pass requirements for events will provide certainty, allowing us to continue hosting events rather than needing to cancel or postpone due to the changing environment.

While we are under Red and Orange, HB Chamber will be required to adjust our events to ensure we adhere to the latest Government guidelines.

Face masks and Vaccine Passes will be required at all events, to ensure we can continue to operate safely while bringing you important and valuable events.


Any visitors to the HB Chamber office at Hawke’s Bay Business Hub must present a valid Vaccine Pass.

For meetings offsite, including in local businesses, Chamber staff can decide how they wish to engage with our community.

The team will be in touch with you directly to discuss individual needs and meeting options.



This situation is constantly evolving. Our policies and procedures will be updated as needed to ensure we are balancing the needs of our community and the health & safety of our team.

We appreciate your support in navigating these changes with us. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us on 06 876 5938 or